For over 40 years, The Evolution Code has been used at the highest levels of professional athletics, to train, retrain and rehab premier athletes so then can reach their full potential and perform at the highest levels of competition. Play the game better, longer, and with fewer injuries.


“I was a non-believer until I tried the system and spent the time understanding what it really does to better prepare an athlete to perform on field.”

Stephen Strasburg

Washington Nationals Pitcher • World Series MVP


“It’s so different than the traditional style of training. After my first year with EVO I had my best season ever. I felt like my body reacted quicker. My muscles turned on quicker.”

Zach Parise

Minnesota Wild


“As soon as I started to follow the EVO protocols within 2 days it changed my whole mental outlook. I was gaining confidence because I was moving better.”

Tim Thomas

Pittsburg Bruins Goalie • Conn-Smythe Winner • Stanley Cup Champion


“I know I will always be able to last because of my EVO Code recovery protocols. Before EVO I was limiting myself. Now, I mover better than I have ever moved. My strength lasts with EVO whereas before it would decline after a few days. Everything feels like it’s “turned on.”

Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Olympic Gold Medalist • 9X Grand Slam Champion


“The system made a major on-field impact.”

Edgerrin James

NFL Running Back • Pro Football Hall of Fame


I started the evo program with an injured hip from my strength training program. Within 10 weeks I gained 8 lbs of muscle, increased my strength by 30%, dramatically improved my energy efficiency and on-field reaction time. At a recent combine, all movements improved by over 20% placing me 1st across the board."

Noah Fifita

Top 10 QB Class of 2022


“On field strength improvement was significant and my movement seemed quicker and more natural EVO creates mental toughness you need in any sport to compete at a high level.”

Karlos Dansby

NFL Linebacker


“You get used to so many old school ways of training that don’t prepare you to play. EVO has been the best thing for me to play at a higher level and I wish I would have done it earlier.”

Jonathan Toews

Olympic Gold Medalist • 5X NHL All-Star • 3X Stanley Cup Champion


"Evo has been a game changer for me. I started on evo with a severely compromised nervous system and extremely poor and inefficient movements. After being on the program for 6 months, every aspect of my game has improved and I had my best season ever. One of the most significant but surprising benefits has been greatly improved reaction time. If you have to “think about it” on the field the play has passed you by."

Sebastian Circo

Top QB 2025


“I had bi-lateral stress fractures in my shins that took me off the stage. I needed great recovery results and I needed them fast. I'm someone who believes in giving everything to get there by doing it right, rather than just try something and hope I get there. The Evolution Code was the answer I was looking for."

Sara Chisholm

Professional Ballerina • Ballet Arizona


EVO is a revolutionary way of training, thinking, and living in general. In the first two months, I gained 35lbs while also becoming stronger and faster. Further, I had my best season ever and broke a number of school records. The coolest part about my experience was how I saw the way everyone got result from the EVO Code, not just people who play sports at a high level. Although everybody’s personal experiences are different, everyone who put the work in saw an unprecedented version of themselves.

CJ Fowler

Division 1 QB