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What is the EVOCODE?

The EVOCODE is a highly sophisticated system developed by Jay Schroeder over the course of the last 35+ years. It is focused on efficiency of human movement achieved by optimizing the neurological / physiological communication.

How does the EVOCODE work?

It works by incorporating high intensity to supra-intensity routines for specific durations, in a specific order.

What is Neurological Training?

Neurological Training is the preparation of the nervous system[s] to efficiently send information from muscles, organs and other systems to the brain and back. Neurological Training also ensures that the information is understood by the brain in a timely manner so the appropriate response can take place. This is critical for athletic performance because it allows the athlete to respond naturally and instantly to the stimuli of his or her sport.

What kind of results should I expect from this type of training?

Your results will depend upon both your level of participation and the level of support you provide. How diligently and completely do you participate, i.e., Do you skip sessions? Do you participate each day physiologically, intellectually, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually? Equally important is how you support the Code with other areas of your life, including: proper sleep and dream cycles, proper nutritional intake, appropriate breathing, etc. For more than 35 years, we have observed that with proper participation and support, the EVOCODE will produce results superior to any other training program available. The Code will provide the athlete the opportunity to prepare to display and recover from elite performance, as well as allow for proper adaptation so that the display can be replicated as desired all while increasing your resistance to injury.

Why is the EVOCODE System better than traditional strength training?

The EVOCODE is more effective than other training programs because it is truly a system rather than just a series of exercises and movements associated with performance (e.g., throwing, running, jumping). Sports performances today are generally inconsistent and unpredictable with a high propensity for injury. This is due to traditional training’s narrow focus on movements associated with performance. The EVOCODE system instead focuses on the totality of what it is to be a human being, and allows for the human to live and display at the highest levels. In essence, the Code allows one to prepare to recover from elite display, not for elite display.

Compared to traditional strength training, will my strength gains be more or less?

As referenced above, if participation and support are present, the EVOCODE affords you the opportunity to achieve results that are not only higher than traditional training, but achieved in a shorter time frame.

What are the drawbacks to traditional strength training for preparing me for on field performance?

Most training “programs” allow for extreme compromise to position, or compensation from the muscles used to execute the appropriate actions. Order, sequence, duration and frequency of most traditional training can also be a contributing factor to this compromise, as the compensatory actions are now being supported. If you train to move inappropriately, or allow this compensatory action, you should expect to see the same on the field of play. You will not move as humans are intended, thus you will not be able to repeatedly perform at maximum efficiency. As importantly, you will also be much more susceptible to injury.

How does training in the EVOCODE System prevent injury?

When muscles can lengthen and shorten properly, at a high rate of speed, it allows for the ability to either eliminate compensatory action, or for the brain to recognize when a compensatory action has been initiated so that it can correct it before it wreaks havoc. This is the key to lowering the risk of injury. The EVOCODE trains muscle groups to work together properly so that this lengthening and shortening happens appropriately.

What do you do with the assessment information and how is that relevant to my program development?

In order to move forward with regard to adaptation, all aspects of one’s life must be prepared. Everything must be in place to allow recovery from a display. The major reason people have such inconsistent performance in sport display is the lack of support developed to recover from a display. The Assessment looks at the totality of the level of support each of your bodily systems can provide. The individual results from each segment of the Assessment mean nothing by themselves; it is the relationship of the information that is asked for in the assessment that allows the starting point and creation of the plan to move forward. If only 1 area of say 10, was lacking then your overall performance would be regulated to this low level. The Assessment thus allows for identification of the areas of deficiency that are inhibiting elite display. As we all have seen in ourselves, you may bench more, or run faster, or jump higher in a given session. It is then assumed that this is now our new level, or that adaptation has occurred. It is not true, as you are equally prone to sessions that you may not be able to demonstrate this again. It is simply due to not having all areas of support developed to recover from a display.

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