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I started EVO with no weights when I was 12. My Dad sent me to a "traditional performance" program and quickly pulled me out after seeing how they were training me. Soon after, I was assessed by the founder of EVO who uncovered many problems I didn't know I even had. At first, I didn't think it was working but after 3 months my Dad started to notice me moving in ways I never had before EVO. My Dad and my coaches saw my improved movements and reaction times before I even realized it. When I look back at the way I moved last year compared to this year the changes are very noticeable. EVOCODE kept me injury-free over a third-seven game tackle season and a fairly active basketball season. EVOCODE really did change me as a player with my stats and game performance exceeding my expectations.
A good friend of mine convinced me to try EVOCODE which I did with great reluctance. Having been in the "training/fitness" business for many years I was indoctrinated to one way of getting results and training for sport. Although very different, this was the most efficient, challenging, and powerful system I have ever tried. As a 50-year-old this system made me 25% stronger, eliminated all my aches and pains, put 5 lbs of muscle on me, and greatly improved my recovery and energy levels. It was only after trying the system I was confident it could help my son. Within 3 months he started moving differently, more efficiently, smoothly, and with better clarity. Within 8 months he was a different player. His stats were amazing but what sticks out to me is the very low number of interceptions thrown which is a testament to his ability to read and react far more quickly than before he started EVO. This system does far more than make you run fast, lift more, or jump higher. It also changes the game between your ears which few people think about.
I have been Sebastian's coach since he was 9. I have seen him change from year to year but nothing compared to the changes I saw once he was using EVO consistently. What stuck out most to me is the way he moved, avoided getting sacked thus the ability to extend plays. His ability to react to situations and read the field leapt up four levels above his age.
Sebastian started last seasons as a fringe five player and ended up as one of my top two players on the team. He moved more efficiently, reacted more quickly, and was able to move to take advantage of what he was seeing. He became a different ballplayer.
"I started the EVO program with an injured hip from my strength training program. Within 10 weeks I gained 8 lbs of muscle, increased my strength by 30%, dramatically improved my energy efficiency and on-field reaction time. At a recent combine, all movements improved by over 20% placing me 1st across the board."
"I was a non-believer for sure. I had been trained in traditional methods of strength and conditioning so this was hard to grasp at first. However, once I took the time to understand the nervous system and how it either supports or constrains performance, I realized this was truly next level stuff. Yes, the metrics have dramatically improved but he just moves differently now. Smoother and more efficient. He reacts quicker. It's actually hard to describe."
"I have been coaching Noah for quite some time and the changes are very noticeable. Yes, he is bigger, stronger, fast but now he's moving better. Seeing things on the field more quickly and as a QB, it gives him an unreal advantage."


EVOCODE Pro Athlete Stories

On field strength improvement was significant and my movement seemed quicker and more natural. EVO creates mental toughness you need in any sport to compete at a high level.


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Karlos Dansby

Miami Dolphins Linebacker

I was a non-believer until I tried the system and spent the time understanding what it really does to better prepare an athlete to perform on field. We would not have won the world series without EVO.


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Stephen Strasburg

Washington Nationals Pitcher

As soon as I started to follow the EVO protocols within 2 days it changed my whole mental outlook. I was gaining confidence because I was moving better.



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Tim Thomas

Boston Bruins Goalie


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