T.J. Oshie with Jay Schroeder

Our Story

The EVOCODE was born of necessity. Jay Schroeder, its founder, was rendered seriously impaired – essentially paralyzed – after an accident. As an athlete, he couldn’t fathom life without movement and competition. He studied Soviet training journals and other Eastern Bloc training philosophies to develop his own system and heal himself. He identified where other programs failed and built the only system that succeeded at HIGH LOAD, HIGH VOLUME, and HIGH VELOCITY. Understanding why the other methods failed allowed him to develop a unique way to stimulate the nervous system and reach these goals. It enabled him to not only heal himself but return to athletic competition at an elite level.

EVOCODE born out of necessity when founder, Jay Schroeder, was paralyzed in an accident.


Schroeder refines EVOCODE for elite performance building Eastern Bloc principles into the system as it now stands. Through self-implementation, Schroeder not only overcomes paralysis, but regains elite performance.


Schroeder begins training athletes of all levels, from youth to professional and Olympic athletes and teams around the world.


EVOCODE adds high profile athletes to his roster of trainees, including: Edgerrin James, Ray Lewis, Cody Ross, Terrell Suggs, Matt Kemp, Todd Heap, and many more.


EVOCODE gains national media attention for the results elicited from Adam Archuleta. Schroeder transformed an otherwise nondescript athlete into one of the top athletes ever to participate in the NFL Combine and a first round pick in the NFL Draft.


Schroeder produces similar results at younger levels training the football team at an Arizona high school. EVOCODE saw six of its trainees eventually selected in the NFL Draft. Further, the high school reported an 85% decrease in on the field injuries while utilizing the EVOCODE system, and no additional training systems.


EVOCODE’s client list expands to almost every major professional sport, with athletes in the NHL, MLB, NFL, USPTA, USGA, and others.


Schroeder is credited with bringing principles of Iso-Extreme exercises to the U.S. He is also featured in several national news media outlets for his unique, innovative methods of training, with testimonials from Stanley Cup winners, a World Series MVP, and more.


Schroeder is the only non-employee to receive a World Series ring from the Washington Nationals honoring his work to train many of their key players.


EVOCODE launches the comprehensive online version of the program that Schroeder perfected over nearly 40 years.

Optimizing The Evo Approach

With the fundamental system in place, he took to its refinement. He organized and reorganized his system to allow for proper training, recovery, and ultimately adaptation to a new, higher level of performance. To achieve this, he treated each client’s development as that of a newborn. If he could return them to this uncorrupted time when their nervous systems were least affected by the stresses and stimuli of life, he could return their bodies to their most efficient states.

In its most basic form, The EVOCODE returns you to this original state to allow you to master all the steps of development that were missed or never mastered. Skipping these steps causes a cascade of adverse effects that we don’t realize until it is too late. Fortunately, The EVOCODE gives us all a second chance.

Nervous System Training

While it's common knowledge that the nervous system controls the body – every system, thought, movement, etc. – few training programs target the nervous system as the central means of development. The EVOCODE's proprietary method of assessing how your nervous system is impaired, and the individualized program produced, allows for unprecedented results.

Reestablishing Your Body’s Foundation

Each exercise, and every day, is carefully designed to build off the previous and prepare for the next. The system will tear you down and rebuild your body from the ground up, exposing and correcting your deficiencies, fixing flawed movement at the root cause – the nervous system.

Built For Growth

The EVOCODE is difficult. Each day will challenge your fortitude. But the process expects and, in fact, demands failure. You must trust the process and give maximal effort. Your program evolves based on your progress and level of preparedness. The feedback you provide is vital; this allows The EVOCODE to retrain your body and optimize your performance effectively.

The EVOCODE Philosophy

Start Right. Move Right. Be Elite. Transform.

Movement is the key to life. Velocity is the key to movement. Position is the key to velocity.

Correct body position establishes the foundation for proper movement, velocity, and creation of force.


Proper movement, free of compensatory actions, is the key to creating velocity and resisting injury.


Only when one masters position and movement can he or she create velocity consistently, without injury.


Absorbing and creating force are the result of proper movement and a healthy nervous system - both byproducts of the EVOCODE.


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