October 2019


What if there was an exercise that could make you run faster, jump higher and lift heavier, using nothing more than your own body weight? 


And that this exercise could develop unimaginable levels of mental toughness while destroying your most persistent pains? That it carried virtually no risk of injury, could supercharge your speed of recovery, and could be done by just about anyone, anywhere, at any time? Although extreme isometrics have been around for many years, Jay Schroeder is largely credited with their popularization in America. Schroeder’s EVO System is known for its extensive usage of long-duration isometrics, its brutal intensity, and its ability to produce eye-popping improvements in athletic performance. Schroeder's methods famously helped former NFL safety Adam Archuleta to one of the most amazing combine performances in history, and a large number of professional athletes train under Schroeder to this day.