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First Month $9.99

Physical Therapy App

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Over 40 Years of Next-Level Performance By Elite Athletes

Recover confidently and get back to doing what you love.


45+ Years proven system, now available online for the first time. Rehabilitate faster & more completely. Dramatically reduce likelihood and severity of injuries.
First Month $9.99

EVOCODE treats the ROOT CAUSE of injury.

Very few training programs target nervous system health as the central means of development. Improve overall brain-muscle communication and physiological symptoms quickly vanish.

Faster Recovery Now Fewer Injuries Later

45+ Years of Proven Results

"I developed this system out of necessity after being partially paralyzed in an accident. Our philosophy P.I.P.E.S. (Physiology, Intellect, Psychology, Emotion, Spirit) has the potential to unlock a multitude of fitness and health benefits for everyone.”
- EVOCODE Founder & Architect
Recover quickly from Chronic Pain Conditions & Acute Injuries
Improve Muscle & Core Strength
Increase Mobility & Balance
Improve Sleep & Mental Clarity


“I had an injury due to overwork and I just continued to train/play. I was not healing and doing more damage to my body. I did EVOCODE because I trusted a friend and I wanted good results. Fast results.

My sport-specific trainers were quickly noticing my increased strength and my ability to hold positions. Furthermore, the "sport-specific" strength was quickly noticed even though I wasn’t doing “standard“ movements. Although very challenging, I was hooked because I have never felt so good so fast. I have never recovered so quickly. Further, I never experienced a system that would help me truly figure out my body. The biggest thing I have taken from the EVOCODE system aside from the results is ownership of my body.

My advice to anyone starting EVOCODE is to be prepared to lose everything you thought you knew about training, and I promise you will not want to give it up after seeing the results.”

Sara, 32

“I was referred to Jay's program because I felt surgery wasn’t the best option for my torn labrum. I talk about EVOCODE as building blocks. I had to start from the ground up and relearn the principles of how my body is designed to move. Just let your body tell you the results...because it will. Whatever I’m doing with this system, no matter how hard it is, how irregular or uncomfortable - this is going to help me.”

Jed Bradley
MLB, Milwaukee Brewers

“The Evo system is creating a sensation to allow your body to work, increase blood flow, get the ions squared away, pound out the inflammation, and all the things that are necessary to improve."

Jon Hultgren

“You’re in here to lear how to use your body properly. We were brought up having so many bad habits. Ending bad habits that we have conditioned, can be reconditioned. I feel like no matter what I do for the rest of my life, this is something I can always come back to reset and make sure my body, my posture, everything is working correctly."

Jason Sani
Personal Trainer
All bodyweight (non-equipment) EVOCODE workouts are appropriate for children. Age is not the determinant for readiness, but rather their ability to focus and participate should guide.
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First Month $9.99

Achieve results in as little as 5 minutes a day

Progressive protocols tailored to the efficiencies and inefficiencies of your current preparedness

Advanced training techniques applied to basic exercise movements

Daily custom programs & progress tracking

Get Faster, More Complete Results

per month
per year
(2 Months FREE)
Guaranteed to deliver or full refund
First Month $9.99


How was the EVOCODE System developed?

EVOCODE was created by Jay Schroeder, who successfully treated the paralysis he suffered after an accident with a system of exercises to address nervous system health. Jay has researched and refined the program for more than 45 years, specifically designed to expose and correct your body's deficiencies and fix flawed movement by improving brain-muscle communication. He has had tremendous success across an extremely wide range of conditions across nearly all sports and general activity levels, including elite athletes at the professional and Olympic levels.

How is this system different from traditional physical therapy?

Very few training programs target the nervous system as the central means of development. EVOCODE's systemic approach addresses the source of injury, thereby reducing the likelihood of a recurrence.

The method succeeds in faster, more complete recovery, but also dramatically reduces the likelihood of future injuries by preparing the body to recover more quickly after ANY type of physical activity moving forward.

EVOCODE is highly adaptive but is only effective when used after being cleared for full activity by a licensed physician.

For which conditions does EVOCODE produce the best results?

All different types of chronic pain conditions and acute musculoskeletal injuries can be treated including elbow pain, shoulder pain, tendinitis, rotator cuff injury, muscle / tendon strains, ligament sprains / tears, labrum tears, ucl tears, meniscus tears, stress fractures, arthritis, and more.

Muscle tears and strains: Pec tear, biceps tear, hamstring tear, IT band syndrome, hip flexor tear, quad tear, achilles tendon tear, triceps tear, lat tear, and many more...

Back pain: degenerative discs, herniated discs, back spasms, lordosis, sciatica, and many more...

Knee pain: recovery after surgery (Knee replacement, ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, Meniscus), tendonitis, tendinopathy, inflammation, bursitis, patellofemoral tracking issues, knee dislocation and many more

Shoulder pain: rotator cuff tears and strains, labrum, scapular winging, surgical recovery, frozen shoulder shoulder dislocation and many more...
Neck pain: disc issues, kyphosis, whiplash, TMJ, text-neck and many more...

Arm, elbow, wrist and hand pain: tommy john surgery, UCL tear, golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, bicipital tendonitis, wrist strains, thumb strains, trigger finger and many more...

Lower leg, ankle and foot pain: calf strain, compartment syndrome, achilles tendon tear, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, turf toe, ankle replacement, and many more

**** If you are suffering from an acute or chronic injury, you MUST have doctor clearance prior to beginning your program. If you experience pain while training, stop and consult your physician.***

Who is EVOCODE for?

Everyone! EVOCODE training is scientifically proven to be highly successful regardless of gender, age, sport or activity level. Whether you're interested in recovery, prevention or functional performance, EVOCODE is guaranteed to deliver fast, complete and lasting results for physical and mental health & wellbeing - in sport and in everyday life.
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