Proven in the formula. Proven on the field.
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The Evolution Code was initially called Evolutionary Training, and was based completely on the idea of taking what has been given to us at birth and working within those parameters. The impetus and initial concepts were created out of necessity. An accident had left me with serious implications with more to come. The human design is quite amazing, however, as I saw firsthand. 

I began poring over Soviet training journals given to me by my doctor. At first, they made no sense to me, as the information and protocols seemed far beyond and very different than what I needed. Feeling desperate, after many times reading the same information, it began to click. The nervous systems of the human, and proper positioning of the body, were the keys to achieving the desired adaptation[s]. It didn’t matter if one was at an extremely low functioning level, as I was, or the level of those being discussed in the journals. This was the moment of conception for Evolutionary Training. Once I understood this entry point, I created unique methods of stimulating my nervous system even though many aspects within my being were not working / responding.


The protocols that I initiated, many thousands of times, formed the basis for Evolutionary Training. One of the main discoveries was identifying where other training systems failed. In my research, I discovered they all attempted to get to the same point, but would all fail for one reason or another at that point they were attempting to achieve – at High Load, High Volume, and High Velocity. It became very clear that all the Evolutionary Training system needed to do was reach these levels without the typical failures. Some of the reasons they failed were: energetic inefficiency, increased propensity for injury, compensatory actions, not enough time to get everything in during the allotted training times, inefficient endocrine system, poorly working immune system, etc. Simply implementing the neurological stimulating protocols I created caused each of these areas, and more, to respond by leaps and bounds. 


The next step was to organize the protocols to prepare for the recovery from the adaptation that was predicted based on the type, length, and frequency of the stimulus. During the implementation of these protocols, I needed to allow for the proper elimination of solid waste, the ability to reach REM sleep for the appropriate amount of time, etc. The ability to provide the stimulus [information] in a timely manner that the brain could understand enabled me to predict the adaptation based on how the human systems responded to the stimulus. 


Most, if not all of the systems that I studied and read about were simply performing movements and utilizing loads that were associated with displays of varying length and types. For instance, using various leg exercises in an effort to display increases in speed. Still to this day, even though key phrases, terms and explanations are used, it remains the underlying philosophy of so-called training systems – to perform movements (and use loads) associated with a particular display they purport to teach. These are great at producing predictable mediocrity. 


Of course, in all training systems there is typically one that excels. This “exception” excels despite the flawed system he or she used, not because of it. A very small percentage of people will turn out properly no matter what is done to them. When I was researching the many systems throughout the world, both past and present, I didn’t look at these successes. I only cared about the failures and more importantly how they failed. Did they fail in the same manner, or was it chaotic? Based on what I read and observed, I created an algorithm to input all of the variables that were being affected by whatever the stimulus was and assembled models of what the outcomes would be.


Why did I choose the name Evolutionary Training? Simple. Within each client’s training is the development of him or her as if they were a newborn. I codified the steps into: BREATHE, SIT, STAND, and WALK, as they form the basis of everything to follow. Mastery of these is requisite. Not one step or process is more important than another. It was based on a given level of mastery that I realized needed to be reached based on my unique algorithms. Hence there was a constant, predictable, precise development – or evolution – taking place. What we now call the Evolution Code, ostensibly takes you back to when you were a newborn to master all of the steps of development that were missed or never mastered. Unfortunately, as one developed and matured, most people moved too quickly to the next step before any competency or mastery had taken place.  


Developing and utilizing the nervous systems, as well as the proper position of the body and limbs [as I learned from the breathe, sit, stand, and walk process, as well as all of the sub-steps within each of these major steps], allowed simple information from uncomplicated stimuli to provide an opportunity for the brain to make proper decisions based on human design rather than a (flawed) notion of how a movement should occur. It is through these fundamental premises that have allowed me to achieve unparalleled results in athletes – human beings – of all ages, and levels of “ability”. Whether male or female, young or old, we all have the right to achieve the pinnacle of human design. 

Frank "Jay" Schroeder

Founder & Developer of The Evolution Code