The Evolution Code has a myriad of qualities that differentiate it from programs athletes are used to. It is solidly rooted in science; and the role the physiological / neurological connection plays in preparing an athlete is paramount. 


But perhaps most of all, The Code is adaptive and individualized. Each program serves to remedy actual observed deficiencies. It will address the areas of the athlete’s physiological / neurological condition that render them ill prepared to display any desired traits (speed, strength, agility, etc). To that end, The Code offers – in fact, URGES the athlete to complete the initial assessment prior to beginning the program. 


The assessment was developed over many years of observing and evaluating athletes of all ages and developmental levels. The result is an efficient, reliable method to determine deficiencies in an individual’s preparedness. The feedback allows Evo to tailor each program to specifically address these shortcomings.


Further, after every 90 days of training, the athlete will be re-assessed. This will serve a dual purpose. First, Evo is able to evaluate, and report back on the progress that has been made. Second, the athlete’s program can be adjusted based upon any differences observed from one assessment to the next. 

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